> Assessment > 2005 National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) Institutional Report

The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) 2005 Institutional Report was published in August 2005.  This report presents the results from the spring 2005 administration of the National Survey of Student Engagement.  This report summarizes Mountain State University's (MSU) student responses to the survey questions (unweighted) arrayed by year in school and aggregated frequency comparisons for similar types of institutions and the national norms.  MSU's Carnegie Classification is "Baccalaureate/Associate".  NSSE uses the abbreviation of "Bac-Gen" for this classification.

This year's report compares MSU against a selected peer group as well as other Bac-Gen schools and the NSSE national norm.  The data is presented in the links below along with NSSE's introduction and overview.  MSU's ranking is highlighted in red if it fell below the peer group, the Bac-Gen group and the national and it is highlighted in green if it was above all three.  A white entry indicates that MSU's responses fell within those of the three comparison groups.

It is interesting to note that MSU's 27% Response Rate was well below the 40% of the peer group, the 39% for the Bac-Gen group and the 37% for the national norm.  However, MSU's response rate improved by 1% over the 26% for the 2004 NSSE survey.  In addition, the Mode of Completion shows MSU higher in filling out paper surveys and lower in the web based survey.  Both of these are areas for improvement for the Spring 2006 survey.

The results of this survey should be used to identify areas for improvement in MSU's curriculum, pedagogical practices, student-faculty interaction, community involvement, diversity interaction and student support.  The following links provide access to information about NSSE survey as well as a report showing each survey item along with MSU's response rate compared to the peer group, the Bac-Gen group and national norm.